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G’day friends, clients…and future clients πŸ™‚

The world is a pretty different place since our last contact. The COVID-19 pandemic is turning everything upside down and is challenging each of us in different areas: Social distancing – a term which in my opinion is unfortunate and which I prefer to use with physical distancing – but also the changed economic situation.

So please let me first state that GoTourNZ is in good shape to weather the downturn. So we will still be there when this exceptional situation will be over. We are very lucky as we made a choice years ago to avoid finance and debt and we have a very low overhead.

So what does that mean for you?

Your deposits are safe

We want to maintain a great relationship with our current, past and future customers and the best way to do so is to be fair in these exceptional circumstances.
So any deposit you make or have already made is safe and will not disappear at any stage. If you feel like postponing your trip in the upcoming weeks to a later time- no worries. Just contact us and we will handle it.

Are you thinking about booking?

Well, we would of course welcome this decision. Should you reserve for a tour in 2020/2021 (till 30.06.2020) we would give you a 200 USD bonus.

It is very hard to make any predictions so far but my own thoughts are that in the fullness of time, some geographical locations (e,g. island nations like New Zealand, Cuba, Sicily) will find it easier to control and overcome the Corona Virus sooner than continental nations, and will be able to open their doors for business earlier.

Go well and safely all.

Hunkered down in Nevada

John Fitzwater