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Fun and Funky Motorcycle Tour

Fun and Funky Tour

At the end of the tour season we’re ready to let our hair down and have a bit of fun ourselves – this has resulted in our Fun & Funky NZ Tour – a hybrid tour where we throw the rule book out of the window.

2021-MAR-FF The “Fun & Funky” Fall Colours Tour


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A combined 14 day “Fun & Funky” format tour of the South Island. On Fun & Funky tours, we mix the style of lodgings up – they’re our personal favourites, the most interesting, the most off-the-beaten-track and the most fun. Some are grand, some are less so, but may be historic and have that special ambience – but they’re always clean and comfortable. Bring your sense of humour. 🙂

Stunning fall colours abound at this time of year, especially in the gold rush area of Central Otago.
If you been to New Zealand before, or if you just want to see “Hidden New Zealand”, then this is the one for you.

Includes 15 nights accommodation, 15 a la carte evening meals, all breakfasts. You can’t do justice to the South Island in less time without making big compromises

Please note that this tour is a Combo Tour, so it has a dual nature – it offers both sealed routes for Sport-Touring enthusiasts, and Off-road Adventure roads for dual-sport adventurers. We all meet up at the end of the day at the lodgings, no matter what route you follow. The sealed route is supported by a luxury passenger van, and the dual sport sections by a tour guide riding with this group (subject to numbers)

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Tour dates

16 Mar 2021 to 29 Mar 2021