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+1 508 687 4545
Signall+64 21 969071
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For Bookings, Enquiries, Administration and/or to reach John, please choose from one of the numbers below (you’ll only pay local rates if you call the number in your country).

ALL numbers divert to John’s mobile phone, wherever he is in the world.

Best Option: Call/chat with JohnMobile number: +1 508 687 4545
NZ Callers / GoTourNZ Office+64 3 669 3669 (no SMS)
US Callers+1 508 687 4545
UK Callers (accepts SMS )+44 20 3290 3298 (accepts SMS )
Australian Callers+61 2 8003 6904 (no SMS)
John’s NZ Mobile Direct
(1 Dec to May 30 only)
+64 21 969 071
Fleet Service / BreakdownsMobile No:+1 508 687 4545

NZ Mobile /SMS: +64 21 969071

John Fitzwater GoTourNZ

E-mail:email John
Postal Ltd
13 Charlotte Lane,
Nelson 7022
New Zealand
Please note this is an unattended postal address, and is provided for the physical delivery of courier and postal mail ONLY.

No GoTourNZ staff are present at this address It is not our office / business location. Please contact John Fitzwater via the details on our Contact page to make a visit appointment request.
Many thanks.