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We create great motorcycle touring vacations that you’ll remember with pleasure all your life.

New Zealand motorcycle tour guiding and Self Guided tour itinerary planning is a genuinely pleasurable activity for us….
We are bespoke planners and coordinators of tailor made motorcycle tour packages in New Zealand.

The secret to a meaningful enjoyable life, is to have a sense of purpose, something that feeds your soul.

Our purpose comes from the commitment and satisfaction from partnering with our clients to create pleasurable, life-long motorcycle tour experiences. The very best New Zealand motorbike tour we can possibly deliver.

  • We’re professionally trained motorcycle guides.
  • We guide ALL of our New Zealand motorcycle tours personally – you tour with the owner.
  • It’s as fun and pleasurable for us, as it is for you.

Size Does Matter

John Fitwater, GoTours NZ

It seems that every motorcycle tour operator or rental operator self-proclaim themselves to be “The Best New Zealand Motorcycle Rental” company, or “NZ’s Premium Guided Tour Operator“.

We don’t aspire to be the biggest operator in New Zealand, and we’re certainly not going to use false puffery to badge ourselves as The Best  or The Premium.

We will assure you of this however. We love this business, and we love partnering with our clients to create THE BEST (oops! – there’s that word again) experience possible. Quality is more important than quantity. As our dear old Dad liked to say: “You can’t expect a diamond to be the size of a brick”. We know he was right.

New Zealand Motorcycle Rentals

We offer  a motorcycle rental options of the latest models from the world’s top manufacturers – BMW, Triumph, Harley-Davidson, Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha,Ducati, etc. If it’s hot and in demand, we add it to our motorcycle tour and rental fleet. We have models available to suit all budgets. If the latest and and greatest is important to you, we can provide that. If you’re happy with trading the latest model for a great price on a great condition, well maintained previous model, we can help with that too.

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Our simple goal is to give you a vacation that you’ll remember with genuine pleasure and exhilaration until the day you shuffle off this Mortal Coil, and we set about achieving this in a professional and and friendly manner.

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Guaranteed, Top quality NZ Tours

Trust & Reputation:

We’re proud of our tours and also of the reputation that we’ve built. Click here to read some of our client comments, and see what others are saying about us.

Our past clients’ words will mean more to you than anything we say about ourselves!


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John Fitzwater, Owner, Guide & Bottlewasher.