Guided Motorycle Tours

Guided Tour Overview

Our Guided Tours are more than “just a motorcycle tour”. We have smaller groups than most other tour operators – on our Best of The Best guided tours, 10 people is the maximum . Tour group sizes are up to 12 on our Best Value tour, the larger group sizes permit the lower pricing of this package. Many other operators have groups of up to 35.

We’re not trying to be the McDonald’s of the NZ m/c touring scene -we are a small, “boutique”, upscale tour provider providing high quality tours for the discerning international motorcyclist who wants the best out of New Zealand in the amount of time they have to spare vacationing here.

You’re guided exclusively by’s owners. We don’t trust anyone else to do this most important of jobs. The buck stops with us.

We keep it tight and personable, and generally stay in many smaller, high quality, upscale lodges and inns, and we won’t limit you to a “set meal” in the evenings – all meals are open menu, a la carte. If you’ve been told that us Kiwis live on lamb and mutton, you’re in for a big surprise – on all of our Guided Tours we dine at carefully selected award-winning restaurants offering the best of NZ’s ‘Pacific Rim’ style cuisine. These are not pie/pizza and chips tours! Wherever possible, we will “tweak” a tour to suit the individual preferences of those booked on the tour – those who book earliest have the best opportunity for “tweaking”.

We use a Luxury 12 seater mini-coach and luggage/support trailer, not just a luggage/chase van. Non-riding wives, partners or passengers are welcome to tour in the luxury mini-coach with the guide(s), plus we can take you out to dinner in the evenings so you can enjoy a glass of wine or two without worry.

Our most popular tour theme is our “Off-the-Beaten-Track tour, where we keep you out of the cities and get you into those hidden areas that only a local with an interest in such things is going to be able to show you. In the belief that what you really after is a great relaxing but exhilarating holiday, we have come up with our 14 day “relaxed” format tours (in both Guided and Self Guided formats). You’ll still go home wanting more, but you’ll feel refreshed and excited about the good times you had. 14 days is a good option for a South Island tour, the best of the two islands for motorcyclists.

Two tour styles – ‘Best of the Best’ or ‘Best Value’

We offer two main styles of Guided Tour: We call them Best Value & Best of The Best. Yes, we know, the names are, ermmm, kinda basic…but they’re honest names. Better honest & simple, than flowery.. ).

Our Best of The Best Tour is our “signature” product – sure it costs little more, however we can honestly say we’ve never had a client depart who didn’t feel they represented superb value. It features upscale, character accommodation in special locations.
No minimum numbers apply on our Best of The Best tours – we’ll never cancel on you, so you can plan your vacation with total confidence. We’re the only NZ motorcycle tour operator with a no-minimum-numbers policy. There is a maximum on each tour of 10 people, unless by prior arrangement.
Gourmet dining is a big feature of our Best of The Best Guided Tour packages – venison, scallops, mussels, oysters, fresh salmon… you name it, you’ll eat it 🙂

Our Best Value Tours are designed for riders & passengers who are looking for good value-for-money touring experience, and are prepared to forgo some small luxuries in return for lower overall pricing. We use carefully selected value-for-money 4-5 star accommodation, still using our popular Off-The Beaten-Track Itineraries. A minimum group size is required on Best Value tours, with a maximum of 12, unless by arrangement.

At the end of the tour season we’re ready to let our hair down and have a bit of fun ourselves – this has resulted in our Fun & Funky NZ Tour – a hybrid tour where we throw the rule book out of the window.

Help! Which Tour Should I Choose?

If your budget allows, we highly recommend you choose one of our ‘Best of The Best’ guided motorcycle tours. This is no ordinary motorcycle vacation. It’s the vacation of a lifetime….while riding a motorcycle, a slightly different emphasis if you catch our drift. If you need independent backup to this bold assertion, please email us for contact details of previous clients that you can talk to. We have many international clients who have kindly offered to give prospective tour clients the benefit of their experience touring New Zealand with us. You can also visit the Client Comments page.

Regardless of which of our Guided Tours you choose, if you’re worried that you’ll be led around by the nose by a guide you can’t get away from, you can wash that image away right now. You’re always in control, always able to do your own thing each day. Like Tiger Wood’s golf caddy, we don’t play the shots – you do. Think of our guided tours as “facilitated”. We try to stay out-of-sight, out-of-mind, organising and taking care of the details in the background… but there in an instant if you need us.