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The world is a pretty different place since our last contact. The COVID-19 pandemic is turning everything upside down and is challenging each of us in different areas...
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About us

John Fitzwater

G’day from John Fitzwater, owner,  GoTourNZ Global

This is our backyard. We live, eat, sleep, and drink here, every day, and only us Kiwis know all those secret, special areas. We invite you to come and play. We are dedicated to providing you with one of the richest and most rewarding holiday experiences of your life.

GoTourNZ Global (Adventure New Zealand Motorcycle Tours and Rentals) is a totally New Zealand owned business, owned by John Fitzwater. John began guiding back in 1997, with brother and then business partner Ian, in the company they founded together, Adventure New Zealand Motorcycle Tours and Rental Ltd. In 2009 Ian decided to move to France and start a new life with his French partner Sophie, and John decided to continue in the business he loves – guiding motorcycle tours.

GoTourNZ Global (Adventure New Zealand Motorcycle Tours and Rentals) is New Zealand’s specialist Guided Motorcycle Tour company, and it’s owner, John Fitzwater has been catering for the discerning international motorcycle traveller since 1997.

Don’t just sit there dreaming about how you’ve heard New Zealand offers the best motorcycling in the world, and promising yourself that one day you’ll go there.

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