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Kiwi Speak

After years of trying and failing to understand what they’re saying, following these easy steps, you can finally hold a conversation with a New Zealander.

  • a medgen – Visualize, conjure up mentally, John Lennon’s first solo album, ‘Imagine’ was a “bug hut” in NZ.
  • Betting – “Betting gloves” are worn by “betsmen” in “crucket”
  • Brist – part of human anatomy between “nick” and “billy”
  • Booger – as in “mine’s booger than yours”
  • Choolly Bun – “Chilly Bin”, as in Esky (chiller)
  • Fooshenchoops. “Fish and Chips”
  • Bedtimeyeradyeraircudiznit. – ” It’s about time you had your hair cut, isn’t it?”
  • Dimmer Kretz – those who believe in democracy
  • Error Buck – Language spoken in countries like “Surria”, “E. Jupp” and “Libbernon”.
  • Ekka Dymocks – University staff
  • Guess – Flammable vapour used in stoves.
  • Buzniss – Common type of degree
  • Chick Out Chucks – Supermarket point of sale operators
  • Jendles – Sandals, thongs, open shoes
  • Colour – Terminator, violent forecloser of human life
  • Cuss – Kiss
  • Phar Lap – NZ’s famous horse was christened “Phillip” but was incorrectly written down as “Phar Lap” by an Australian racing official who was not well versed in Kiwi-ese.