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Hints and Tips

OK, so you’ve got beyond the “Gee I’d love to go to NZ” and you’re now in ” Woo hoo! We’re going!”

Here’s a few Hints and Tips so you’ll get maximum enjoyment out of your stay with us.

Wrong Way U-Turn Practice

(for American & European Clients)

(and any clients from countries who drive on the “wrong side of the road” )

One bit of advice we can give you before you come to New Zealand.. Practice your right hand U turns.
That’s the one manoeuvre that catches our Euro and American clients out when riding here in New Zealand.
In the US/Europe you’ll be used to doing left hand U turns. When you make a right hand U turn (as we normally do), you lose access to the footbrake and are forced into using the handbrake. If you’re not practiced at it, you can grab too much front brake, the forks dive while the bike is leant over and/or you hit a patch of gravel and… Ooops!

Useful Tip for Floridians

If you are from a really warm climate (like Florida) you’ll find NZ’s summer cooler than you’re used to. Not cold, just a few degrees cooler. The weather can be fine and warm, but we only generally reach maximum daytime temperatures of 70-85F in mid-summer… and it can ALWAYS snap cold unexpectedly in New Zealand. Bring warm gear as a backup, no matter what time of year you’re touring.