Best Value Motorcycle Tour New Zealand

Best Value Motorcycle Tour

Our Best Value Tours are designed for riders & passengers who are looking for good value-for-money touring experience, and are prepared to forgo some small luxuries in return for lower overall pricing.

Off The Beaten Track

We use carefully selected value-for-money 4-5 star accommodation, still using our popular Off-The Beaten-Track Itineraries. A minimum group size is required on Best Value tours, with a maximum of 12, unless by arrangement.

2024-DEC-BV 14 or 21 day Best Value tour of both North and South Islands


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A 14 or 21-day Best Value tour of both North and South Islands – you can join for just the 14 South South Island tour (10 Dec 2024 to 23 Dec Nelson start & finish)….

…or the fuil 21 day North & South Island package, finishing Nelson Nel 30

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Tour dates

10 Dec 2024 to 23 Dec 2024 (14 days)
10 Dec 2024 to 30 Dec 2024 (21 days)

2025-MAR BV -14 day Best Value Tour


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A 14 Best Value Guided tour of the South Island.

  • Maximum of 9 participants.
  • Starts Mar 10 Ends Mar 23, 2025, Nelson start and finish.

Ask anyone who has been on this tour what they thought of their experience. They’ll likely tell you it was one of the best experiences of their lives. We’re serious – just ask and we’ll provide contact details.

14 day Best Value Guided South Island Guided Tour.

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Tour dates

10 Mar 2025 to 23 Mar 2025