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Your knowledge of the country and of motorcycles was a big plus

Thanks so much for making our vacation to NZ all that it could be. Your country is spectacular and would be very special even if one were to fly over and rent a car and wing it so to speak. But!!! without your guidance we no way could have had anywhere near the fabulous time we had in our three weeks that we spent with you.

The accomodations were always extremely nice and you made sure our entry and exits were easy and efficient. The people in the B&Bs where we stayed treated us like old friends so we always felt like a hug was a proper gesture upon leaving. It was nice to be able to find each place to stay so easily with your maps and special instructions so we could wind down each day in a comfortable manner.

The food was fantastic and I am sure some of that is because you know some of the best places and make sure we don’t make a mistake there. I am 67 years old and have travelled a lot but never have I had three weeks of food that anywhere near compared to our menu there.

Your advice for things to see and do was always helpful but never pushy. Your knowledge of the country and of motorcycles was a big plus for all in our group. The country was designed for motorcycling with crooked roads that are in good condition with little traffic and virtually no animals to worry about. The manner in which we were handled by all of you from start to
finish was the frosting on the cake and we do really appreciate it. We will be back.

Art & Suzy Carroll
Guided Tour