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I had great fun with the whole group

I’m sitting here in Auckland waiting for the shuttle to the airport. I’ve turned in the key to the Tiger, and packed my bags. This was the trip I’d hoped for. We, the “noisy boys”, did over 5000 kilometers, and all our bikes will need new tires.

I had great fun with the whole group, but would especially like to thank my NEW riding buddies John, Jeff, Pete, Ron, Bob, Jack, and soon to be new riding buddies Brad and John. I’m looking forward to our Laguna Seca party in July.

Ian and Carly did a great job for us, again thanks. The Tiger did great wheelies, and I can’t wait to get the Thunderbike pipe on my personal Tiger. Auckland reminds me a great deal of San Francisco, only a bit cleaner.

I have a track day soon, and I’m sure the riding over the past couple of weeks will make me just that much better on the track.

Bill Murphy
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