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You do live in paradise. Thanks for sharing it all with us.

Last night we reviewed the NZ pictures, reliving the experience. I have only positive memories. Ian, your personal hands on leadership made this trip what it was: tending to everyone’s needs; pulling us all together as a group with your experience and charm.

It was a fabulous trip down under and we are still talking about it. We just fell in love with New Zealand and I am talking it up with all our riding friends in hopes of getting back there for another motorcycle tour some spring to see your wild flowers. Your motorcycle tour exceeded our expectations and the pampering was over the top. We are not used to being so spoiled and we
loved it. I mean, who else would take us home to make us some filtered coffee on a sleepy Sunday morning?! Ian, you made the trip. Your charm and diplomacy saved us all. You melded two very different groups of people together and created a great trip for all of us. Thank You!!

All your dining recommendations were right on (thank you Robin!). We met some great people (especially your family) and walked away with some fantastic memories and also some great ideas. You do live in paradise,. Thanks for sharing it all with us.

Bruce and Liz Young
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