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I think your efforts and planning were exceptional,

The trip was just fabulous. We and I had just a great time. I think your efforts and planning were exceptional, and I surely benefitted from them and appreciated your efforts. Your staff – and your son, Ian, were very gracious and accomodating and helpful.

The bikes were splendid, and mine was just great (road king).The people in NZ were some of the most friendly I’ve ever encountered anywhere. The roads were without exception the best I’ve ridden upon anywhere – no gravel, clearly marked and the best texture of riding surface. I think there were two potholes on the whole trip. The scenery, the weather (even with the
rain) were just perfect.

I could have loved to turn around and do the whole trip again. I just simply loved the whole thing and could not have in any way accomplished it without your great management. I’ll be coming back in the next couple of years, I plan, with my wife. And perhaps we can again rent a bike and take part of the trip with her on it.

Gene Du Boff
Customised Guided Tour