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came halfway around the world for the motorcycle adventure of a lifetime and I believe each of us found it!

I recently returned from a motorcycle tour of New Zealand with my wife and her mom. It’s an amazing place full of terrific vistas and even nicer people. I felt sufficiently compelled to share my very positive experience with Adventure New Zealand Motorcycle Tours and Rentals ( I hope others will be encouraged to take such a trip and consider this company’s tour offerings.
Adventuring New Zealand by Motorcycle

Imagine curving over the edge of the horizon held in suspense above a sea of endless blue. Imagine a long white cloud swaddling two island siblings, born of the same mother but with fathers as different as fire and ice. Imagine scenic vistas that are shared across every continent on the globe but sampled here full size. Imagine people nice enough to rent a motorcycle to you….
Imagine New Zealand!

This past summer, while attending the BMW International Rally in Charleston, I managed to win a motorcycle adventure to the South Island of New Zealand. My wife Sue and I had been listening to the sweet songs of the various NZ touring companies at past rallies and were about to succumb to their temptations. Adventure New Zealand Motorcycle tours and Rentals Ltd.
(, already rising to the top of our list, presented us with a very large nudge and we were off.

There were a few challenges, and a few concerns. Some were real, but most were imagined. After the euphoric dust had settled Sue and I and her mom threw in our lot with Icarus, and headed for the South Island of New Zealand. We’ll never regret it.

The “Fun and Funky” tour would take us to some of the more colorful locals NZ has to offer. To say The formally The Blackball Hilton and The Okuku Country Lodge span the gap of developed nation motorcycle touring would not be stretching things
thin. This tour took us to places we most certainly would have missed had we gone it alone. Had we missed them we would be the poorer for it.

Company owners John and Ian Fitzwater may well be on a first name basis with everyone in NZ. (Actually I think Kiwis are all on a first name basis with everyone. No airs. No worries.) With this network of friends, and the magic of cell phones, their careful guidance remained almost entirely transparent throughout the trip. Not easy to pull off, but just as it should be.

If this is sounding a bit like a commercial I guess it is. A month after returning we are still thrilled with the adventure and the folks that made it possible. We remain in touch with others on the tour and they share in our positive feelings. Initially we had concerns dealing with an unfamiliar company on the other side of the world, these concerns proved baseless. Nineteen people, near equally divided between ten tourists and nine touring company members and ranging in age from 10 to 87, came halfway
around the world for the motorcycle adventure of a lifetime and I believe each of us found it!

Jim Chamberlin
Fun and Funky Guided Tour