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The BEST vacation we have ever taken.

The tour with Ian was much more than a tour, it was a fantastic adventure and we became good friends with Ian. We could not have had a better and more enjoyable person as our guide. Ian quickly became a friend first and a guide second. Ian and John have done an exceptional job of scouting out the best places to eat, sleep, great routes, and side trips. They have done a masterful job of finding the small tour operators that provide very personal side trips versus the large operators with hundreds of people. There
wasn’t once that we saw other accommodations where we would rather have stayed or eaten.

It is the BEST vacation we have ever taken. The riding was the best, the motorcycle was flawless, the scenery is awesome, the Kiwis are very friendly and helpful, riding on the other side of the road turned out to not be a big deal (one of the things I was concerned about), the whole tour is really first class, but in a very relaxed atmosphere.

I highly recommend Ian and John’s tours. When we tour NZ again, it will be with them.

Kim and Pam Cashmer
Guided Tour