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Assuming that there are rooms available, are the schedule and lodging bookings flexible enough to allow us an extra day somewhere if we wanted to stay an extra day

On a 14 day tour there are 3×2 night stopovers, and these are in the places that experience has taught us that our clients like the extra time. As a group we don’t have the flexibility to spend an extra night, and also accommodation booking pressures would probably prevent that even if there was group consensus that they’d like to stay over. That aside, we have no problem with an individual or couple deciding to spend an extra night and catch the group up the following day. In some cases you may find that the accommodation you wanted to stay in would be already booked out, but you’d be unlucky… As long as you understood that the support van and guide stick with the group and itinerary (and route) , we could accommodate you on this point.

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