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Brett was also asking how much it would cost to do the Self-Guided Tour. I seem to recall that you don’t bring our luggage along on that one, basically we just rent the bike? I think that, regardless, we’d still like the planned tour.

On a Self Guided Tour, the price is determined by the amount of involvement we have, the type of accommodation, meals, activities you want included etc. A Custom SGT is a very personalised tour, built to your specific requirements. A Fixed Itinerary SGT is more like a dining in a buffet restaurant – you get a great price, but everything has already been pre-prepared and planned in advance. On either Self Guided option, you ride alone, no guide or chase van, carry your own luggage etc..but you have all of our special knowledge and information with you in your SGT itinerary booklet. All your accommodation is prebooked and pre-paid.. and we still provide the detailed personalised touring notes as on the Guided tour. You can have us organise most of your meals, or you can just follow our suggestions. A typical 14 day Fixed Itinerary SGT with all accom, some breakfasts, works out at around NZ$600 per day for a couple, depending upon the type of bike chose and level of accommodation required. SGT’s are a good way to save a few bucks over a Guided tour, and clients have enjoyed them tremendously, but I feel that a Guided Tour has significant additional benefits. Surprisingly, the benefit most people enjoy the most, is that of not having to worry about your luggage – you can bring all the clothes you like without having to compromise, and the bikes are more fun to ride. Additionally, the social interaction and friendships that develop on a Guided tour, is missed on a SGT – it’s nice to sit in a bar round a fire with a beer or wine at the end of a day, and swap stories. Lastly of course, you miss out on the on demand assistance that the guide is there to provide, whether it be information on where to exchange currency, where you can get a decent cup of coffee, or helping you when you unluckily suffer a puncture.