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How large are the tour groups?

The tour groups are never larger than 9 people, unless it’s a tour put on ]at the specific request of a group of friends. I think we’ve only ever had a tour larger than 12, and that was a family. Generally a tour is made up of 3 couples, perhas 2 singles.. We aren’t at all interested in increasing the size of our groups. We find smaller tour groups a lot more fun, both for the clients and ourselves (and both are important). One of the things we get a great kick out of is the enduring friendships that we see develop – a bunch of strangers come together, but they depart New Zealand leave as very close friends. We’ve had many groups of what where strangers, rebook on their deaprture for a “reunion” tour 12 or 24 months in the future. Later we’ll hear that some of them have got back together one they’ve returned back to the US, or UK.. We’ve become very good friends with many clients ourselves. We’ve just booked a motorcycle trip in Spain for ourselves for next year with some past clients from the US and UK ( all from different tours).

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