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Is there anything I should do to prepare for my trip to New Zealand.

One thing worth practicing is your U turns to the right – you’ll be used to doing them to the left. The problem with right hand U turns is that if you need to dab your foot down on the RHS to maintain your balance, you lose access to the footbrake. If your right foot is perhaps skimming the ground in preparation to “catch” the imbalance the tendency is then to grab for the front brake lever if you find yourself going a little too fast. If you’re not practiced at it, the resulting sudden fork dive can catch you unaware and tip you over to the right.
It happens all the time to our American and European clients, but the Brits who drive on the same side as us have no problems with it.Also practice stopping on the loose gravel that you’ll sometimes find on our roadside verges and in driveways. Our verges tend to be cambered off for drainage and the sloping gravel surface can catch people out.