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Looks to me that this is not follow the tour guide on the lead bike. I’m assuming that everyone has a map and you could ride together or just meet at that day’s destination, yes/no?

A guide on a lead bike isn’t a tour, it’s a procession….. 🙂 Not our style at all. Each rider has a detailed map booklet and a bound personalised copy of our 60 + page itinerary – “The Bible”. Here’s a shot from it…. This is how we describe our tour on the website, and it pretty much sums up how a guided tour operates.. If the term “guided” evokes thoughts of a bunch of bored tourists standing beside a famous monument listening to an equally bored guide droning on and on… Wipe that image now. Picture this instead….. You’re sitting at the breakfast table, just finishing that second cup of coffee and soaking up the early morning West Coast sun as it streams through the window. You have the maps and comprehensive route notes from last night’s briefing in front of you, and the couple at the next table are asking you which way you are going to go today. They want to see the Fox Glacier, while you want to see Lake Matheson, the Mirror Lake as well . Others are heard to say that they are going to go on a flight over Franz Josef Glacier. You ask your guide for his advice, then make your decision, and agree to ride together with the other couple . They will accompany you to Lake Matheson and then you’ll ride together to see Fox Glacier. As you walk out side to your waiting bike, some of the others have already left for Franz Josef. Get the picture? You’re in control here. No forced group rides, no forced itineraries, just plenty of choice. At the risk of sounding politically correct, think of your guide as a “tour facilitator” – someone who just beavers away in the background making sure everything falls to hand just as you need it. If you need help, your guide is there to provide back up. And if you would like to be accompanied by your guide more closely, you only have to ask. You just relax and enjoy.