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Now some practical details. My wife is 165 cm tall and probably needs an “adjusted” bike as you describe in your FAQ. If possible we would prefer that our son, who will ride as rear seat passanger, can ride on both bikes, which basicly means adjusted foot rest height on both bikes. You mention “minor adjustments” in your FAQ, but I’m not quite sure how much work the above adjustments require, but hope it doesn’t require too much additional work.

I’ll have a look at it again and see how much work is involved – it varies from model to model. If it’s not a big job there will be no additional charge, but if a bit of jiggery pokery is involved, there would be a nominal charge. How tall is the little critter who will need the footpeg mods? As for adjusting the height of the bike for you wife, this is no problem at all – no charges there.

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