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Timing of trips

September is very changeable, starting to warm, the odd fall of snow around at high altitudes. Temps from 35F-60F.
October is similar, but a little warmer – can be wet and windy.
November is getting nice – drier, 50F-80F. A good month to tour. You can still get the odd cold snap though. Not many tourist around, roads are clear. November is the earliest we pre-schedule tours, but we would do custom tours earlier.
December – ditto, warmer, 55F-85F. Late Dec is often wet, heavy rains sometimes.
January – a great month, as is Feb and March.(IMHO the best single month)- usually very warm and dry. Tourism is at a peak – lots of people, the place is very “alive” if that’s what you’re looking for.
April is really the start of Fall/Autumn – personally, my favourite time to tour…