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We are interested in a Self Guided Tour 14 days. Dierk himself, as marked in the form, rides a Triumph and has 20 years of riding experience. But my license is brand new, and so I am restricted to 34PS in germany. that’s what I did to my Tiger.. so please tell me, if this is the same in NZ.

In NZ we have “restricted” and “unrestricted” licences. Restricted means as a New Zealander you can ride no more than a 250cc motorcycle (no power limits yet..) if you are over 25, and successfully complete all the skill based tests, you can obtain an unrestricted licence in 9 months. If you are under 25, it takes from 12-18 months.

But here’s the interesting thing: If your licence in your country states that you can ride a 650cc motorcycle in your country, then you can ride a 650cc here, using your licence. The NZ laws state that you are able to ride the same capacity motorcycle in NZ, that you are licenced for in your own country ( they don’t mention power ratings).

If you have a current full licence in another country, it is valid here. You don’t need to bring an International Driver’s Licence.

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