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Your rate is a bit higher (up to $700 USD for 14 days and 2 people) than the other operations I’ve looked at, but you seem to be much more accommodating and responsive. Can you tell me a bit more about how your service is expected to differ from what I would get from companies like NZ Motorcycle Rentals, Beach’s Motorcycle, and Edelweiss?

Well for a start our groups are much smaller – we take a maximum of 7 people ( We’ve seen Beach’s and Edelweiss with some really large groups of upto 35, a real herd…), so you get plenty of attention from us. You’ll appreciate the difference in mathematics – 20-30 people earns them a bucketload more profit than our 7 people. They can have the “herd” end of the business – it’s not our “cup of tea”, nor our intention to try to attract groups this big. Because we have smaller groups, we are able to stay in smaller, luxury “boutique” homestays and lodges as a group – many of these places can only handle 8 or so people. They offer genial and helpful hosts, much more ambience, and a higher degree of luxury than you will get in the Standard “traveller/sales rep” type motels that Beach and Edelweiss use. This type of accommodation costs us more also.. as do the meals we provide ( I know both Beach’s and Edelweiss use limited option “tour” menus – all of our meals are al la carte (barring one spectacular buffet at Mt Cook) – from Award Winning restaurants – this is no pizza/pie and chips tour. We use a luxury 8 seater coach and rescue/luggage trailer, not a commercial chase van (no rear seats) like the 3 others you’ve mentioned. Commercials are great for biffing luggage and the odd motorcycle into, but try all taking the whole group out together in one, or driving up to the Tasman Glacier. Major discomfort! Our coaches allow everyone to fit in to it, in total comfort, plus in the event of a passenger feeling cold, tired or wet, they can also take a spell in the warmth and comfort of the coach. Our bikes are mostly low mileage latest/current models – we sell them every 12-18 months or 18000 miles, whichever comes first.. Edelweiss Beach, AMA, Ayres Adventures, Reuthers, Motoquest subcontract to other NZ rental companies or tour operators. They will tell you they have late model BMWs etc, but the truth is they only have SOME late model BMWs. After that you’re often on a 5 to 8 year old Triumph or BMW K series with a gazillion miles on it – it’s strictly first in best dressed. This can cause very disgruntled clients – hiring any sort of vehicle should be a treat , not a chore. And finally – our itineraries (we believe) are better. They visit the main tourist towns (because they have to go where they can get the acccommodation), we get out into the hidden magic little spots, because:
A. They’re far more interesting and
B. Because we can fit our smaller groups in there.
We aren’t the cheapest operator in New Zealand, but we do genuinely strive to be the best.

I appreciate your lengthy and personal response before and the testimonial (she sounds like me). I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.

Jenn was a real fun girl – if you’re anything like her, we’re going to have a ball….( I enclosed a pic of her playing up on her husband Jack’s birthday). Have a digest of that lot. I honestly believe the US$700, while a significant amount, is more than compensated for by our higher degree of personalisation, luxury and the energy and enthusiasm we put into making sure you go home absolutely knocked out. At the end of the day, I believe you will feel you had excellent value for money.