Reopening NZ summer Jan 2023

G’day friends, clients…and future clients 🙂 2022-23 Season Update ...Tours are back on from Jan 2023
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Best of the Best Guided tour

Best of the Best Guided Tour

Our Best of The Best Tour is our “signature” product – sure it costs little more, however we can honestly say we’ve never had a client depart who didn’t feel they represented superb value.

Special Locations, Characterful Accommodation, Gourmet Dining

It features upscale, character accommodation in special locations.

No minimum numbers apply on our Best of The Best tours – we’ll never cancel on you, so you can plan your vacation with total confidence. We’re the only NZ motorcycle tour operator with a no-minimum-numbers policy. There is a maximum on each tour of 10 people, unless by prior arrangement.

Gourmet dining is a big feature of our Best of The Best Guided Tour packages – venison, scallops, mussels, oysters, fresh salmon… you name it, you’ll eat it 🙂

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